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Granite Countertops

The main reason behind granite being extensively used for countertops is due to its aesthetic appeal. It is extremely beautiful in appearance. It will help to add natural beauty to your kitchen and bathroom. Another reason why granite is preferred for making kitchen countertops is due to the fact that it is extremely hard and durable. Since it is resistant to scratches, stains, cuts and extreme temperatures, it is ideal for making kitchen countertops.

It is also a perfect choice for designer bathroom countertops. It neither accumulates mildews or mold, nor does it gets damaged by constant exposure to water.

Your Stop for Affordable, yet Desirable Granite Countertops

Once you purchase the granite stone from us, we will send our expert installers to your home to take appropriate measurements of your kitchen and bathroom. Normally, the price of granite bathroom and kitchen countertops depends on the quality, color and thickness of the stone. However, here, you will get the best quality granite at an extremely low price. All our products are available at factory rates. These are the reasons, why they are much cheaper than the standard market rates.

Granite Countertops: Colors and Installation Options

Granite countertops are made from igneous rock or volcanic rock produced from cooled molten rock. The size of crystals and grains of the rock's minerals that make up the rock will ultimately be determined by the speed, pressure, and temperature of the cooling process. These minerals found in true granite include very hard quartz, feldspar, and minerals that are softer like mica to add drama to the stone's surface.

Granite stone is one of the most widely used natural stones for kitchen countertops, bathrooms countertops, for backsplashes, and to complement and surround fireplaces, bathtubs, or Jacuzzis. Aside from complementing your home and adding class to its overall look, granite countertops can also serve as the centerpiece of your kitchen or bathroom because no slab is alike. It is virtually scratch-free, heat resistant, and very durable.

Choosing Colors for your Granite Countertops

When deciding on what colors to choose for granite countertops in your bathroom or kitchen, there is actually no right or wrong choices since your personal style and preference should be the first and foremost consideration. However, there are some things you can consider to make your choice easier.

Ask yourself what is your main focus. Do you want your granite countertops to stand out and be the center of attention in your bathroom or kitchen, or do you just want them to complement your existing cabinetry and appliances? These should be considered since these can make or break the overall design theme of the room.

Granite Countertops for Dark Rooms and Appliances

If your kitchen or bathroom has predominantly dark appliances and dark cabinetry, you should take into consideration the space of the room before deciding on granite countertop colors. This is because putting dark countertops in small rooms will make the room seem smaller. Likewise, if the room's lighting is on the darker or mellow side, darker granite countertops will make your room seem cave-like. On the other hand, dark-colored countertops will bring more drama to a room.

For large kitchens and bathrooms with open and flowing layouts, you can opt for black, dark grey, or deep blue granite colors, since these will complement the room and existing dark appliances and furniture. Although these colors are considered very dark, granite slabs as you know, have mixed colors in them, which will make them appear not as stark. Likewise, you can opt for dark granite colors with a pearly sheen to offset the darkness. On the other hand, for smaller kitchens and bathrooms with low lighting, you can consider warm to light granite countertops. You can also opt for darker ones if you really like them, but stick to darker shades with lighter splotches of color.

Granite Countertops for Light Rooms and Appliances

For kitchens and bathrooms that are have mainly light colored furniture and walls, you can choose light colored granite countertops, but only if you like the shabby chic, or monochromatic look. The thing with light rooms and light countertops is that if you choose a tone that does not complement your light-colored room and appliances, the room or the countertop will not match and will look yellowed or dirty. The best color for light rooms are mid-tone colors; something not that dark and not too light either.

Granite Countertops with Stainless Steel Appliances

For kitchens and bathrooms with stainless steel appliances, it is easier to pick granite countertop colors since they are pretty neutral and can go with various color tones, but you still have to consider the space of the room. Great granite colors would include those that are on the white, cream, and beige shades, or dark colors so that the countertops will aid in bouncing light throughout the room, making the room brighter. On the other hand, stay away from granite colors with pearly sheens because they will not look outstanding with stainless steel and instead will look dull because of the steel's high sheen.

Granite Countertops: To DIY or Not to DIY

To cut costs, some people actually consider installing granite countertops by themselves, and yes it can be done, but it comes with plenty of risks. The number one reason for choosing to install countertops DIY is budget. However, do you know that typical slabs can weigh more than 1000 lbs? And what about the shipping cost for a thing that big? The shipping cost alone can eat up a considerable chunk of your budget.

Likewise, when installing the very heavy slab, how will you go about it? Although granite is very durable, it can break and crack when not handled properly, especially with cut-outs for cook tops and sinks. Further, you will require professional tools and various supplies, such as polishing discs and diamond blades, all of which are very expensive.

There's also the issue of properly measuring the granite slab. With professional granite countertop installers, professional templates of your bathroom and kitchen for a more accurate measuring process are used. Also, you have to consider the straightness and level of your existing cabinetry to ensure that your countertops will not bend and consequently, crack.

Professional granite countertop installers also use strengthening rods as they see fit for some slabs, usually on the cut-out places to make the slab stronger and avoid breakage during transport. Also, you have to take care of the joins and seams. Are you really ready to undertake a big operation like this?

You have to remember that countertops actually increase your home's resale value, especially those found in kitchens and bathrooms, since these rooms are used regularly. On the other hand, if you DIY your granite countertops and it turns out to be a bad choice, it can actually decrease your home's resale value, so choose your installation options wisely.

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